Bot to help with finance – BRB: BenRickertBot, Introduction

I recently started to invest in Mutual Funds with two primary purpose – saving tax with ELSS and getting profit from some other short term investment. While SIP is a simple, proven way to invest, I like to believe it has to be smarter than this.

So the problem statement is: I want to maximize my return from Mutual Funds (including the tax saved), maintaining a threshold on the risk. It’s given that, I’ll be investing INR X in a year. What I need to know is what could be ideal time to do this.

I know, I’m not the first person to try this out, the primary goal here is to make more informed decision while investing and worst case learn more about – how the market works and may be more on software technologies involved. Also, working at Microsoft has it’s own advantages – I can use all existing tools and frameworks for experimentation, which should bring development time pretty down. I wont have to do a lot of dirty work.

I have super dirty Github repository ready for this – Also, I have deployed this bot, and added to Teams. And it looks like this: (Request you to not judge yet, it’s pre boilerplate code)

PRE Boilerplate UI of BenRickertBot
PRE Boilerplate UI of BenRickertBot


May 20, 2017

In this experiment I’ll be writing a bot using Microsoft Bot Framework. I shall use LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Framework) framework for understanding natural language and getting user intent out of it. Using LUIS we can train our bot to understand intent of natural language input given by the user. Will most probably use – Mutual fund NAV API at mashape for retrieving information.

The boiler plate goal of the bot was to find Indian Mutual Funds based on some text give to it. It should be able to understand the natural language, get the object in the request, search for Mutual Funds with matching name, return their names and current metadata in a tabular or other structured format. It should be in a dialog fashion.

Long term expectation from this Ben are:

  1. Be able to give me information about Mutual Funds (by name) – the same 101 goal.
  2. Be able to add MFs to watch list and tell me about them when asked, even proactively text me when major changes occur.
  3. Track these MFs regularly.
  4. Tell me if it’s a good time to invest on X mutual fund and why not 😀 , getting too ambitious!!
  5. Send me plots on request
  6. Link global events to fluctuations
  7. Tell if Trump is about to launch a nuke

These are some of the stuffs (I know super ambitious) on the top of my head. I know I wont work on > 25% of them, or loose interest before that. Expectation is ++ on knowledge however long I keep working on this. Will add a more detailed post on how 101 was done.

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