EasyWiki – another chrome extension for wikipedia

Now that I have learned to make chrome extensions, I just can’t stand user interface that’s not friendly to me. This time its wikipedia.
So the problem I face with wiki is its too much information at a place and for a person like me who find it very difficult to read, a lot of content in small font, with lot of hyperlinks all around, references in “[1]” like boxes, I prefer to read the intro and run away.

But I’m a very good person who can’t see lot of people suffering. So I made a chrome extension, which allows you to:

  1. Change text font size or font any time from the popup.
  2. Hide all the links that are useless at the time.
  3. Show a quick reference to all the contents using the dashboard fixed at top.
  4. Search for any wikipedia content, instantly from any page.
  5. And hide these changes with a keyboard shortcut or mouse click!

With all these feature I published the app to the chrome store, and this is the link to the extension. Again being a good person I have made the source code public, its available on github at: @mebjas/Wiki-Read-Mode. Special thanks to Garvit Khatri for implementing {disable references + links} feature. So time to install the awesome plugin and make your wikipedia experience easier. Feel free to rate it 5 stars, no less.

And you can know more about the product at our project page @cistoner.org/projects/easywiki


  1. Easywiki on Chrome Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wikipedia-read-mode/icnpgdbaooggmkndmiaogcokgmpdfdmc
  2. Easywiki on Github: https://github.com/mebjas/Wiki-Read-Mode
  3. Easywiki Project Page: http://cistoner.org/projects/easywiki

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