Github Report – a report card on Github!

This is a totally fun project which I intend to do very slowly, and add codes to in my free time or if I get some cool ideas. So what’s Github Report: its another chrome extension that shows more information on Github profile page, than Github actually does. So the work flow is you install this extension, you go to someone’s Github profile page and boom! you know much more about their open source activities now!!

Wish I could have a CIA like theme here, but much hasn’t been accomplished yet. So I’ll keep that part aside. Here’s a screenshot to describe things done by now:

Github Report Screenshot
Github Report Screenshot

So things that can be done now would include:

  • Plot the user’s language choice (preferences / skill-sets)
  • See other users similar to target user!
  • See other users target user is connected to!
  • Everything’s in Github’s native UI!

And that’s all for now, but the good news is the tool is open source. Its available on Github at: For testing and usage the extension can be installed directly from chrome store, here’s the [ link ]. I have added the roadmaps and goals for now in the Github repository. So in case you likes the idea, and have something cool that can be displayed there, feel free to contact me!

Current version on Chrome Store is 0.0.1 I’d love to see the features it will have when the 1.0.0 will be there!! And hey, I don’t mind some stars on Github, so don’t forget to click on those!!


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