Facebook Chat Customiser

This is I must say one of my projects I’m proud about. So lets start with some promotions, you can install it from [ here ] and [ this ] would be the link to the project page. I’ll be calling it FCC from now:

So lets start with what it is: It is a chrome extension, that allows users to customise Facebook chat in Google Chrome according to their needs. Currently users with this extension can:

  • Resize Facebook Chat-Box
  • Use different fonts, colors, font-size
  • Change Colors of Chat-box title bar and its transparency
  • Change background of chatbox or make it transparent
  • Do this all directly from Facebook Settings menu

For more technical people I’d say all the settings you change in one page are synced across the other open tabs and centrally too. Following screenshots can shed a little light to current development.

Facebook Chat Customiser 3.6.0
Facebook Chat Customiser 3.6.0

So FCC was uploaded like an year ago, and it has around a 1000 weekly users, or to be precise it keeps fluctuating between 950 – 1050 every day, which I seriously don’t get if there’s something buggy in Google’s stats engine or its seriously so. It has seen some 7500+ downloads till date, which is to be frank far smaller integer than I expected it to be. But I don’t feel any shame in admitting I didn’t do much publicity and its not FCC’s fault if it didn’t go viral!

But there is no blaming, the development and the management task is still on. FCC has been made open source. Its available on Github at: github.com/mebjas/facebook-chat-customiser .

Also I’ll be taking time from my (I won’t comment on) schedule to accomplish following roadmaps:

  • Make chat bubble background customisable – different color, 3d one or a flat 2d one and so on…
  • Introduce a theme concept, which allows user to directly select a theme {a set of predefined settings}
  • An option for create their own theme – using JSON and save it / use it! (Could this lead to a site where people upload their themes? woow!)
  • Background image to chat box? #needs-decision
  • Bring the facebook chat out in the popup? not my part to pay with the API? #needs-decision

So I have written these down to make sure, I remember them & in case some one wish to contribute they know how to impress me!

Keep spreading the word for Facebook Chat Customiser!

Install on Chrome Store: 

FCC Project Page: http://cistoner.org/projects/facebook-chat-customiser/

FCC on Github: https://github.com/mebjas/facebook-chat-customiser



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